Innova Boot, Glove & Helmet Dryer Range

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Innova Boot, Glove & Helmet Dryer Range

The Innova dryer range is a complete boot, helmet or glove drying collection.  Each dryer features a built in 24hr programmable timer, odour reduction through deodorising granules in the built in holder, bacterial reduction in the air through the built in ozone generator and two heating levels depending on the ambient room temperature and speed of drying required.

The Standard version features longer length drying tubes at a steeper angle with automatic valves on the ends for both boots and gloves to prevent air flow when not in use.  Only available in 208-230 volt

The Premium version features shorter drying tubes at a much shallower angle, with diffusers on the ends for boots and helmets.  The Premium version is available in both 208-230 volt and 110 volt

The dryers are constructed from galvanised sheet steel, which is then powder coated grey.  The mains input socket is at the top left on the whole range.

They are designed to be wall mounted, but if the wall is not suitable for mounting, an optional stand is available to bear the weight.  It is still recommended that the dryers be fastened to the wall to prevent them being unstable.
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